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We offer a complete chip and scratch touch up paint service for any vehicle. Our service is an affordable way to keep your car's appearance top notch!

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Auto Paint Touch Up Repairs, Phoenix Services

Colors on the Run offers a Bumper to Bumper service for all cars and trucks. Our automotive paint repairs and touch ups put lease return customers at ease, or keep your owned vehicle looking superior.

Stone chips are filled with our true color-matching system, and scratches and scuffs in your car's exterior paint will be filled and polished with our professional color blending technique.

Auto Paint Repair touch up services at Colors on the Run Auto Body shop in Phoenix Arizona

What is a Touch Up? - Auto Body Paint Repair Services

The term "touch up" sure is thrown around a lot these days. We here at Colors on the Run utilize special techniques and a color match process of which can only be performed successfully by someone with many years of experience with automotive paint repair.

We have all seen the infamous auto paint touch-up bottles of paint at our local auto parts store or car dealership service department. One would purchase such a bottle, take it home, and either make a mess of their own car paint, or just look at it thinking to themselves "How is this really going to look on my car?" The typical brush in those do-it-yourself touch up car kits will just make whatever you touch up look worse or even more noticeable than before the touch up paint was ever applied to the damaged area.

We have the experience to determine the outcome before we even start the paint touch up process. We can let you know just by looking at your car's paint damage if a touch up repair will be adequate, or if a refinish of the area is needed. In addition, many touch up kits come in a limited number of colors, at Colors on the Run auto body shop, we custom color match our paint to your factory or custom paint finish. Touch ups done properly can take years off the look of your vehicle. We can literally touch up each and every chip on your automobile, resulting in a much cleaner, more uniform look to the paint on your car, truck, or SUV.

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