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Vehicle Headlight Restoration Services

We offer headlight polishing services.

Plastic headlight lens don't stand a chance in the Arizona sun. Foggy lenses or scuffed headlight lenses diminish the amount of light shining on the roads at night and can make your vehicle appear aged beyond its years. Our headlight polishing restoration technique will brighten up the front of your car and remove that premature aged look.

Vehicle Headlight Restoration

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Our headlight restoration process began due to our expertise utilizing industrial high-powered polishers, and our customers are amazed with the results. Most of our customers have had some other company in the past polish their headlights - car wash, big box stores, or mechanic - or even tried to the do it yourself kit, with poor results. When customers have used Colors on the Run for their car's headlight restoration service, and they see how the headlights are transformed to like-new condition, they can hardly believe the incredible results. We have found that the best way to describe OUR headlight polish service's end results is to say that we take 3-years off the look of your car.

Our customers can't believe the difference our headlight restoration service makes on their car - making it look like new again. This service can only be done by someone with years of experience working with industrial automotive buffing and polishing equipment and supplies. Don't waste your time and money letting a car wash or box store try to do someone they just don't have the expertise to do. Call us today, and we can make your headlights look like new again, and brighten up your nights 602-509-8678.

In addition to our car Headlight Restoration services, we also offer auto paint touch up, bumper repair, auto body repair, dent removal, and lease return inspections.

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Auto Headlight Restoration services at Colors on the Run Auto Body shop in Phoenix Arizona

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