Lease Return Inspections

Pre-Return Vehicle Lease Inspections

In this poor economy you can't afford not to fix those parking lot mishaps prior to turning in your lease.

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Colors on the Run offers a complete exterior paint pre-lease return inspection.

Lease return inspections, 2 inch diameter rule

When returning your leased vehicle, a vehicle inspection will be completed. The leasing company gives you a Normal Wear allowance for minor imperfections of the vehicle. However, any damage exceeding a 2-inch diameter in size, will be charged back to you for repair expenses. Leasing companies hire body shops to repair these damages, and they could charge anywhere from $700 and up. It is much more economical to have the paint damages repaired yourself before returning your leased vehicle.

The rule of thumb for lease return chargebacks for exterior damage is a 2-inch diameter rule. This means any damage to the car / truck exceeding two inches in diameter will be billable to the leasor for repair after the return and inspection of the vehicle. One way to check your leased car or truck for Excessive Damage is to create a Cut-Out Template. Simply cut a 2-inch round hole into an index card or piece of paper. Hold the Cut-Out Template over any missing paint, chips, scratches, or scapes. If the damaged area exceeds the size of the Template you could be charged to repair that area.

Please contact us if you feel your lease may break the bank upon its return 602-509-8678

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